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Connections Between Maintenance and Service Life of Jaw Crusher

Date: Ja 06,2014

Speaking of jaw crusher, a lot of people are familiar with it because it's one of the irreplaceable crushing equipment in mining industry. When it comes to jaw crushing machine, it's necessary to talk about methods prolonging service life. It's well known that every machine is inseparable from daily maintenance work. Regular maintenance can not only timely eliminate breakdowns, but also avoid wearing problem of spare parts. For experienced operators, regular maintenance can extend service life of jaw rock crusher to two or three years. Here, let's detailedly introduce the relationship between regular maintenance and service life of jaw crusher.

jaw crusher

The jaw crushers in China is also called jaw breaker machine, its crushing cavity is composed of moving jaw and fixed jaw. In daily maintenance work, what the experienced operators should understand and master are to correctly judge equipment trouble and accurately analyze causes so as to rapidly take effective measures to solve them. We should understand that the rapid abrasion or even fracture are generally caused by improper operation and maintenance, for example, poor lubrication will accelerate sharp wear of bearing. Hence, correct operation and careful maintenance are important measures to prolong service life and operation rate of equipment.

In the operation of China jaw crushers, we must pay attention to regular maintenance. Because in practical application, the working conditions of jaw crusher are very bad, the wearing problem of equipment is inevitable. After the equipment has been worn, it's necessary to maintain so as to extend useful time of equipment. In using process, as long as we regularly check, maintain and master wear cycle of equipment parts, we can early find equipment defection and timely repair or replace them so as to extend lifespan of breaker crushers. Hence, timely repair is an important link to ensure normal production of equipment.

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