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Technical Improvement of Jaw Crusher Leads to Longer Useful Life

Date: Ja 02,2014

All the time, the technical improvement of industrial equipment improves productivity. Just as Deng Xiaoping said, 'science and technology constitutes the primary productive force.', the technical improvement of jaw crushing machine not only improves the efficiency, but also extends the service life effectively. Firstly, in the selection of materials, the new jaw rock crusher adopts manganese steel alloy which has high wear resistance and long service life. Besides, forging technology of jaw crusher adopts cold hardening technology, which has high hardness and fully meets the working requirements of rock jaw crusher.

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As the fastest consumed accessory, the jaw plate of jaw crushing machine is easy to wear in the using process. Its using length directly determines the production costs. In order to improve the wearing condition of jaw plate, the jaw crusher manufacturers has tried a lot of methods, which has achieved good results. Under the gradual development and help of China's mining industry, the jaw crusher industry has got rapid development. Social demand and competitions between enterprises have also further promoted the development jaw crusher machine, which makes jaw crusher realize continuous improvement of itself. How to improve working efficiency and further improve crushing technology of jaw crusher is a problem that deserves attention of jaw crusher manufacturers

Throughout the current development status of Chinese jaw crusher market, the jaw crusher and other mining machinery equipment have certain price advantage in domestic market. However, on the complete set of technical equipment, they are still far behind foreign countries. Hence, the technical improvement of domestic portable rock jaw crusher has significant meaning for both the machine itself and domestic mining industry, which is also a good way to establish stronger domestic market and improve competitiveness in international market. In practical application, the technical improvement not only leads to longer service life of jaw crusher, but also solves some problems in the production process.

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