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Three Methods to Adjust Discharge Opening of Stone Jaw Crusher

Date: Ju 13,2013

In general, stone jaw crusher supplier recommends of three methods to adjust discharge opening of stone jaw crusher, as follows:

1) Gasket adjustments, that is, put a set of gaskets with same thickness between rear bearing thrust plate and posterior wall of rack. Operator can decrease or increase discharge opening of stone jaw crusher by increasing or decreasing the number of gaskets. This approach can realize compound adjustment and it is more suitable for large stone jaw crusher.
2) Wedge adjustment, that is, by dint of the relative movement of two wedges set between thrust plate pedestal and posterior wall of rack to achieve the discharge opening adjustment of mini jaw crusher. Operator can turn nut on the bolt, make wedges move up or down along the back wall of rack and drive front wedge to move forward or backward, so as to push on dynamic jaw or thrust plate and realize the purpose of adjusting discharge opening. This method can achieve step-less adjustment, easy to adjust and save time. Small and mini jaw crusher often use such adjustment equipment.
3) Hydraulic adjustment: in 2012, there are some jaw crusher suppliers installing hydraulic drive cylinder at the location described above to adjust the discharge opening. Hydraulic safety device of mini jaw crusher is reliable and secure, easy to troubleshoot. Hydraulic cylinder and piston are equipped on the connecting rod of mini jaw crusher, hydro cylinder is connected with upper part of connecting rod, and piston is connected with thrust bearing. During the normal working of mini jaw crusher, fuel tank is filled with pressure oil, and piston rod and cylinder are equivalent to a whole. When non-breaking objects enter into crushing cavity, stress of connecting rod grows quickly and oil pressure in the fuel tank suddenly increases, which open flow valve and extrude oil pressure so that piston and cylinder release.

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