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Structure and Working Process of Single-rotor China Impact Crusher

Date: Ju 14,2013

China impact crusher according to different classification methods can be pided into different types of impact breakers, such as single-rotor impact breaker, dual-rotor inversed impact breaker and so on; here, we will talk about structural characteristics and working process of single-rotor coal impact crusher.


Single-rotor China impact crusher works as follows:

Materials are sent into the impact breaker from inlet, and constantly impacted into small particles by high-speed rotating rotor. In order to prevent material flying out, impact breaker is equipped with feeding chain. Rotor is driven by motors via V-belt. After materials accessing China impact crusher, they are impacted by high speed rotation; impacted materials are thrown to counterattack plate along the tangent direction of flat hammer movement, and impacted once again by collision. Products that meet requirements are discharged from lower portion of coal impact crusher; and products that do not meet requirements are sent back for re-crushing.

Structural characteristics of single-rotor China impact crusher:

Coal impact crusher is welded with upper and lower two parts by iron and steel, and wall of host is fitted with a lining made of steel plate. In the front, rear, left and right of body are respectively set a door, for easy maintenance and replacement of wear parts.

There is a rotor with reversible rotation in coal impact crusher; two counterattack plates are set on both sides of the rotor and feeder trough is set in the upper part of rotor. Because the rotor has characteristics of reversible rotation, wear and tear on both sides of two sets of counterattack plates can be balanced, which greatly reduce the maintenance workload. Six plate hammers are fixed on the rotor, hammer plates are cast of wear-resistant high-manganese steel. Rotor is mounted on the major axis with key mission, and both ends of spindle are support in rear rack with rolling bearings.

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