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Quality of Parts Is One of the Evaluation Criteria of Crusher Quality

Date: Mar 13,2014

All the time, there is a misunderstanding in crusher industry. Whether manufacturing enterprises of crushers or crusher users are accustomed to paying more attention to performance and quality of major parts of crushers, and ignoring quality of accessories, which put accessories in relatively minor position. Actually, this practice is wrong and this knowledge is one-sided.

Although the accessories are small, however, they play an important role in operation of whole equipment. If the quality of accessories is not qualified, it will inevitably affect performance and quality of the whole equipment. Especially for crusher machine, the materials are easy to cause abrasion of key parts, thus affecting normal production of equipment. Meanwhile, if the accessories frequently arise quality problem, it will inevitably increase maintenance time and cost of users, thus increasing production cost. Hence, when purchasing crushers, the users should pay enough attention to quality of accessories. Thus quality of accessories has become of the evaluation criteria of quality of crushers. If crusher enterprises want to improve performance and quality of equipment, they should put quality of accessories in an important position.

However, the development of crusher accessories in China is slightly slow compared with that of foreign developed countries. Many accessories still rely on import, which is lack of research and development capabilities. There are still big gaps in quality and technology between dome domestic researched accessories and foreign advanced level. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance are not good enough, which seriously hinder development of domestic crusher industry. Hence, it's particularly important to improve quality of accessories. Domestic crusher enterprises should change the traditional ideas and accelerate research ability of accessories so as to keep up with foreign advanced technology and master core technology with its own characteristics, thus realizing independent research and manufacturing of accessories as soon as possible, improving overall quality level of crusher machine and promoting development of domestic crusher industry.

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