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High Efficiency is Development Trend for Flotation Plant

Date: Ju 21,2013

Efficient flotation plant is required to meet the three requirements: 1, high inflatable degree, even bubble; 2, large capacity, low energy consumption; 3, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. At present, in order to meet the above requirements, we mainly take two measures: 1, retrofit the existing mechanical flotation cell; 2, study on new flotation cells.


Transformation of mechanical agitation flotation plant is mainly to increase the amount of gas; on the one hand, we can transform self-suction flotation cells to inflatable flotation plant, that is, press air into pulp; additional air compressor can lower impeller speeds and lower power consumption, while also reduce mechanical wear, so that improve mechanical properties; on the other hand, we can manufacture large flotation plant; practice has proved that in the case of same flotation indexes, large flotation cells compared to normal flotation cells has advantages of large capacity, small footprint and low running costs; it is in full compliance with requirements of efficient cell flotation machine.
Another way to reach efficient flotation is research new cell flotation; in recent years, domestic research on new floating equipment also get new progress, the most highlight example is full-sectional micro-bubble flotation machine produced by Hongxing company, whose whole section of bottom is covered with one-way valve which allows pressure air enter into floating machine through it; the machine is with large inflatable volume, and bubble can be uniformly distributed within it. Full-sectional micro-bubble flotation machine makes use of pressure air-lift air to stir the slurry, fundamentally repeal stirrers, reducing energy consumption.
The machine has large tank volume and ore-processing capacity, with 1-2 cells; wearing parts are made of wear-resistance rubber, easy to maintain. Full-sectional micro-bubble flotation machine is a kind of high-efficiency flotation machine, it in future will completely replace mechanical agitation flotation cells.

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