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Commissioning and Debugging of Indirect Heat Drier

Date: Ju 16,2013
After the installation of indirect heat drier, operator should conduct no-load commissioning for 4 hours or longer. In the commissioning process, any abnormal phenomenon should be solved timely.
After commissioning of indirect heat drier, operator should retighten all collecting bolts, check and refuel lubrication. If the commissioning is normal, the load-test can be carried out.
Before load commissioning of indirect heat drier, operator should carry out empty commissioning of each set of the ancillary equipment. After the successful stand-alone test, the joint commissioning can be conducted.
Light the stove to preheat the rotary drying machine and start dryer machine. It is prohibited to heat the cylinder without rotation, which is helpful to prevent from bending cylinder.
Please gradually add wet materials to cylinder of indirect heat drier according to preheating condition; according to the water contained in the discharged materials, gradually increase feeding volume. The preheating of rotary drying machine needs a process, so does the stove; sudden fierce fire burning is not allowed to avoid local overheating and uneven thermal expansion damaging the machine.
The combustion value of fuel, quality of thermal insulation in various parts, water content of wet material and feeding uniformity affect the product quality and fuel consumption. Therefore, each part of rotary drying machine should achieve the best condition as much as possible to improve economic efficiency.
At work, the rack of rotary drying machine should be filled with cooling water, and lubrication parts should be timely lubricated.
When stopping indirect heat drier, the operator should firstly turn off the stove; and the drying tube should continue to rotate until it is cooled to be close to the ambient temperature. The shutdown with high temperature is prohibited to prevent bend of cylinder.
When encountering a sudden power outage, the operator should immediately turn off the stove, stop feeding, and move the cylinder half-turn every 15 minutes until the cylinder cools down. Violation of this regulation will cause cylinder of rotary drying machine to bend. Severe tube bending will lead to dryer can not work properly.

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