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Possible Invalidations and Handling Methods of Rotating Kiln Dryer

Date: Ju 16,2013

Rotating kiln dryer is a popular kind China dryers, while, it may occur invalidation in working process; we can analyze the reasons and handling methods from the following points:

1, water content of discharged material in rotating kiln dryer is too high. In this case, the operator should increase the refuel or reduce feeding volume in rotary dryers at the same time. If the water content of discharged material in rotary dryers is too low, the operator should reduce the refuel or increase feeding volume at the same time.
This operation should be gradually adjusted to proper state. Substantial adjustment will lead to unstable moisture content of discharged materials, which can not reach product quality requirements.
2, the repeat force of two catch wheels is too large. In terms of this phenomenon, operator should check contact surface between riding wheel and supporting tire. If the same group of riding wheels are not parallel or the connection between two riding wheels is not perpendicular to cylinder axis, it will cause excessive force and abnormal wear of riding wheels. This phenomenon is often caused by low mounting accuracy or loose bolts, which will cause the deviation from correct position of riding wheel. As long as the riding wheel returns to the correct position, this problem will be solved.
3, in the operation, gear and pinion of rotating kiln dryer have unusual sounds. In this case, the operator should check the occlusion gap between main gear and pinion. Appropriate adjustment will be helpful. If the pinion is badly worn, it should be replaced timely.
The good sealing of gear cover will prevent dust from entering the machine, and adequate lubricant and reliable lubrication is crucial to improve the service life of gear.
In the working process of China dryers, we can pay attention the above points so that we can avoid unnecessary damages of China dryers.

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