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How to Install Rotary Drum Dryer Properly

Date: Ju 15,2013

1, handle the base of rotary drum dryer. The basic lineation and construction of the sand dryer should be in accordance with the relevant requirements of foundation drawing. Upper part of the base is a bevel with 5% slope against the horizontal and all dimensions should be measured on the bevel. The position of reserved hole should be measured on the bevel and it should be consistent with the paper size.

2, after the basse solidification meeting the strength requirements, rotary drum dryer can be installed. Before the installation of rotary dryer, operator should check base construction quality and the location of reserved hole, cut the surface of base and clean the reserved hole.

3, put supporting device of rotary drum dryer on the base, install foundation bolt, place main gear cover in appropriate location and hang foundation bolt. After the measurement and correction of mutual position, the operator can hang the cylinder of rotary dryer. The tire should be positioned in the center of riding wheel. Two groups of supporting wheels should be parallel and the contact surface between riding wheel and tire should reach more than 70%. The bevel of catch wheel should have 5mm gap with that of the tire and it should be reliably positioned with stud. After the qualified correction of supporting device, the transmission device of sand dryer can be installed. The transmission device of sand dryer can not be rectified until the occlusion of teeth surface between main gear and pinion up to standard.

4, after the solidification of the second mortar layer, tighten the anchor bolts of rotary dryer.

5, check the contact between tire and riding wheel for another time, check the occlusion between gear and pinion and make necessary fine-tuning, re-tighten all the bolts.

6, install gear cover and sealing device of rotary drum dryer; sealing device of rotary dryer should be perpendicular to the cylinder.

7, fill butter or engine oil into the parts that need lubrication.

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