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How Can Select Lubricating Materials of Cone Crusher

Date: Ja 03,2014

On the market, there are many kinds of lubricating oils that can be used by cone crusher, and they are mostly similar in nature. But different kinds of lubricating oils are used in different environment, temperature, pressure speed and so on, that is to say, we can select the lubricating oils according to the differences of these factors.

In general, when the crushers work with heavy load, the working parts are best to use more viscous lubricating oil. Because when the pressure is bigger, the oil will be extruded from the bearings, which will cause the rise in working temperature. When the rotating speed is small, we suggest to use more viscous oil, conversely, use less viscous oil. If the rotating speed and pressure are bigger, the less viscous oil can't be extruded, which will not cause the rise in working temperature.

In winter, the temperature is low, the rock cone crusher that works in outdoor is preferred to use less viscous lubricating oil. Because the oil will be coagulated together and quickly harden along with the drop of temperature, which will bring a lot of resistance to the moving parts of cone crushers. Therefore, when choosing lubricating oil in winter, you'd better choose the lubricating oil whose temperature is lower 5 to 10 degrees centigrade than the surrounding temperature. If this kind of lubricating oil is lack in practical production, you can use all kinds of addictives or infiltrating diesel oil or solar oil so that you can tune into the required viscosity of lubricating oils.

When selecting the types of lubricating oils or replacing oils, you should also take the wear degree of cone crusher parts into consideration. For example, the wearing parts generally use more viscous lubricating oils. When one kind of lubricating oil is replaced by another kind of lubricating oil, we can adopt according to its main quality indicator-viscosity. When using the lubricating oil in low temperature, condensation temperature of the oil should be considered.

Correct and reasonable utilization of lubricating oil is very important to Chinese cone crusher and other crushing equipment, which is also one of the main reasons ensuring highly efficient production and proper maintenance of mining machines. The normal operation and efficient production are inseparable from the effect of lubricating oils. Especially for heavy mechanical equipment, the lubricating work of each part should be well done.

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