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Analysis on Vibration of Hydro Cone Crusher

Date: Ju 29,2013

Hydro cone crusher has good structural features and dynamic characteristics, so it can meet different process requirements in the handling of different types of ores. Taking analysis on the nonlinear vibration situation, we can deep reveal its excellent characteristics in order to better direct the production.

Hydro cone crusher is composed of power part, transmission part, and working part. Vibration situation of hydro cone crusher in work is complex, including high frequency micro-amplitude vibration around two Cartesian axes which are parallel to the water level, and circular vibration in horizontal plane, which is main form of vibration. In working process, materials are always acted by force within crushing chamber, and participate in vibration, becoming an important component of vibration systems. Actual system vibration of hydro cone crusher is a two-degree-freedom nonlinear vibration.
(1) Analysis on hysteretic strength
Hysteresis is symmetrical with the origin in a movement cycle of hydro cone crusher, it is piecewise linear odd function with respect to the material characteristics. When the gap between movable cones is larger than shatter value between materials in crushing cavity, movable cone begins to load materials forwardly, so that stress and strain in a material layer accumulate and increases, being in the stage of elastic deformation.
When the relative displacement of movable cone reaches to limiting displacement, breaking body will be in a forward unloading state and hysteretic force eventually be reduced to 0. Due to crusher's process is circular and symmetrical, in back-loaded and unloaded conditions, body’s movements are similar to the results of the preceding analysis.
(2) Equation of hysteresis
As the hysteresis is symmetric to coordinate origin, we can establish hysteretic strength equation making use movable cone displacement and speed. Analyzing and calculating equations, we can get that the actual vibration frequency of China cone crusher is not only related to frequency of vibrator, quality of machine and elastic stiffness of rubber spring, also associated with the parameter of materials.

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