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Compound Crusher Pays Attention to Every Detail of Product

Date: Feb 09,2014

Compound crusher is also called combination crusher, which is one of the general-purpose equipment in sand making production line and stone production line. With energy conservation as the goal, this compound type crusher is a kind of new fine crushing and coarse grinding product that optimizes the main technical parameters and design, which adopts international and domestic advanced crushing technology.

After many years of development, the production technology of domestic mining machinery industry continuously updates. All kind of mining machinery equipment also develop rapidly, especially the development of compound crusher. Currently, the fast development of equipment appearance and some design concept of domestic mining machines can compare favorably with world's top products. Hongxing compound crusher always keeps abreast of the development of mining industry, which pays attention to every detail of product so as to timely detect and solve problems to better adapt to market demand and customer requirements.

As the saying goes, 'A little leak will sink a great ship.' A small screw can make the compound crusher break down. Any small part may produce a large error and the damage of any part will influence the operation of compound crusher. As a professional manufacturer of mining machinery equipment, Hongxing Machinery always emphasizes the importance of details, which focuses on every small part and detail of stone breaking machines.

The main performance characteristics of compound crusher

1. Simple and reasonable structure, low operational cost, small abrasion

2. Big reduction ratio and energy-efficient

3. Equipped with fine crushing and coarse grinding functions

4. Little affected by material moisture content

5. Suitable for crushing medium hard and especially hard materials

6. Cubic shape of finished products, little iron pollution

7. Easy maintenance and little abrasion

The crushing equipment has small gaps in overall performance. However, when selecting crushers, the customers should choose the most reasonable crushing equipment according to specific circumstance. Hongxing Machinery reminds customers to pay attention to daily maintenance of mechanical equipment in using process so as to ensure stable operation of production lines and avoid damage.

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