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Shakedown Test of Shaker Feeder

Date: Ju 14,2013
Shaker feeder is a relatively new type ore vibrating feeder, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, coal, electricity, machinery, building materials, as well as light industry, food, medicine and other industries.
As a mining feeder, shaker feeder has to take shakedown test after being installed; adjusted shaker feeder should take four-hour idling running continuously under the normal condition of voltage, current and amplitude value. During operation of shaker feeder, the values of current and amplitude should be stable. Unadjusted shaker feeder can't be put into service.

Adjustments of shaker feeder include the following points:

(1) Air gap between iron core and armature should be kept within 1.9-2.2mm; it should be parallel and clean completely; after adjustment of the ore vibrating feeder, please tighten bolts. Too big air gap may increase current and reduce vibration; on the contrary, too small gap may cause collision of iron core and armature; so, any impact phenomenon between iron core and armature is prohibited.
(2) Adjustments of spring set
Spring account of spring group should be determined according to the tuning values Z. Tuning of this ore vibrating feeder is designed to be Z=ω/ω0 =0.9.
If tuning value is less than 0.9, it will reduce capacity of ore vibrating feeder; if higher than this value, material conveying will be not stable; so we must adjust it carefully and repeatedly.
(3) Stability and reliability of shaker feeder largely depends on the fastening degree of fastening screw and top screw of spring group. So it is required to check and tighten all top screws, fastening screws and nuts once the ore vibrating feeder is put into service.

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