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Ball Mill and Machine Crusher Contribute to Economic Development

Date: Dec 16,2013

 Energy conservation is the primary task of China in recent years. In order to cater to the market demand and energy-saving requirements, grinding ball mill industry keeps pace with industrial development and promotes the structural adjustment of China's economy. Energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection have become China's basic state policy and long-term strategic development policy for sustainable development in the future. Hence, energy saving and emission reduction are the inevitable development trends of China ball mill. Energy-saving grinding ball mill, machine crusher, ore beneficiation equipment and other mining products have already become booster of China's economic development.

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With the fast forward of the comprehensive utilization technologies of mineral resources and related industries, the total sum of excavation of mineral ores has exceeded 5 billion tons. The ball crushing device has been widely used in resource exploitation and mine construction. Improving technical content, optimizing product quality, accelerating pace of energy saving and emission reduction and promoting efficiency of mining exploitation are the most important tasks of ball mill at present.

The successful launch of energy-saving ball mill makes the pulverizing grinder mill gain larger development pace in mining machinery field. High adaptability, flexible collocation, low consumption and high productivity are the distinctive features of ball mills. The ball mill bearings are adopted rolling bearings to replace traditional sliding bearings, which is easy to start and save power consumption of 20% to 25%. There are many factors influencing ball mill production capacity, such as material nature, particle size of materials to be ground, required product fineness and so on. Generally speaking, there are three direct methods which can improve ball mill production capacity, they are:

1.Add a tertiary crusher in front of the grinding mill

2.Improve grinding system and increase grinding efficiency

3.Add a highly efficient powder concentrator


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