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The Features and Significance of Vibrating Feeder

Date: Apr 15,2014

vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder has a very wide range of applications throughout mining production lines, which has strong feeding ability, wearable tank and economic applications. It is an automatic feeding machine which is widely used in mineral processing, stone crushing processing and milling industries. Vibrating feeder is a new energy saving equipment. Recently, vibration motor is always used as the vibration source of feeding machines. In order to prevent raw ore entering the buffer tank, it uses a high- efficiency spring buffer, which not only can be directly connected to other machines, but also can provide uninterrupted, timing and quantitative properties for subsequent equipment. Thus, choosing appropriate feeding equipment is very important.


1. Its energy consumption is only 1/ 3 of traditional equipment, which is more reasonable and excellent.

2. It can work for a long time, which is suitable for the high -intensity production line.

3. It does not produce open welding and other effects during rapid feeding because of its special process.

4. Its overall process belongs to the most reasonable and advanced way of feeding. Therefore, it is convenient for a variety of powdered materials or materials in different particles, and it is still developing rapidly.

5. During the process of feeding, with the help of buffer device, lower noise is generated. And its feeding ability is far beyond the traditional feeding equipment.

6. Its united feeding model has increased the feeding areas and reduced the mechanical energy consumption. With the integrated design of stents, groove surface and buffer device, it has high feeding efficiency. So that power waste can be avoided and the equipment will become more convenient and economical.

7. High-capacity feeding machine has integrated production of advanced feeding technology, support and tank to fully ensure the duration of the equipment. It greatly shows the production properties of feeding equipment by meeting different ore processing requirements.

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