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Ore Crushing Is of Great Significance in Ore Beneficiation Production

Date: Feb 19,2014

In ore dressing production, ore crushing occupies a very important position, which has a great influence on working efficiency, production cost, economic benefits of ore beneficiation plant. The concrete analysis is as follows.

Ore crushing refers to large pieces of ores overcome internal force between the molecules and then be crushed relying on effect of external force, which is also a process of making granularity of ore block narrow gradually. In ore dressing process, ore smashing is generally divided into ore crushing(coarse phrase) and ore grinding(fine phrase). In ore dressing plant, ore crushing is necessary material preparation phrase before sorting operation. Firstly, the ores to be processed by ore dressing plant are mostly tied together with valuable minerals and gangue mineral. Only by crushing and dissociating them can we use existing physical separation methods to enrich them. Secondly, all of physical separation methods are restricted by granularity, too coarse or too fine granularity cannot be separated effectively.

In every link of iron ore concentration plant, ore crushing is both the most expensive process and important part of constituting investment and production cost of ore dressing plant. According to statistics, investment of ore crushing process accounts for about 60% of investment of the ore dressing plant, production cost accounts for 40% to 60% of total cost, power consumption accounts for 50% to 65% and steel consumption accounts for more than 50%.

In conclusion, basis task of ore crushing is to provide suitable materials for sorting operation. Quality of ore crushing work directly affects ore dressing technology and economic indicators. Hence, some people think that ore crushing is the key to determine success or failure of ore dressing process. Therefore, the ore beneficiation should pay enough attention to selection of processing equipment and production management of ore crushing work.

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