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Analyzing the Causes for Cone Crusher Processing Capacity Reduction

Date: May 11,2015

For sandstone plants, the most important virtue for crusher is high productivity. The reduction on processing capacity is a very serious matter for sandstone plants. Today Hongxing Machinery will analyze the causes for processing capacity reduction.

If stockpile occurs on cone crusher, it will cause processing capacity lower down. If you want to understand the causes for cone crusher stocking materials, you must first make clear the conditions for cone crusher stable running.

Cone Crusher

When cone crusher operating, the axis of the crushing cone does conical surface motion referring to the centerline of cone crusher body, with the cone top as the spherical bearing center. The central point keeps static in the process of crushing cone motion. Besides, when the cone crusher is in operation, the main axis of crushing cone must intersect with the centerline of the cone crusher body in the center of the sphere. Otherwise, it will disturb the normal work of the crusher. Accordingly, during the motion of the cone, the focus where the dynamic cone axis intersects the center line of the frame must be overlap the spherical center, which is a prerequisite for normal operation of the dynamic cone.

In addition, in order to ensure the dynamic cone not to overturn, in maintenance, we must make two-thirds of the whole spherical bearing contact area on the outer ring, with the left on the inner ring not in contact. After running a period of time, it can achieve the whole area contacting uniformly.

If the eccentric axis position is not correct or offsets when manufacturing the eccentric shaft sleeve, we can increase or decrease the gaskets between the bowl tile and the bowl tile support to adjust relative position of the bowl tile and the eccentric shaft sleeve. If the the eccentric axis is significantly different or , the eccentric angle is not correct, only to change the eccentric axis angle and replace a new shaft sleeve with correct axis position.

If there is something wrong with the crushing cavity shape, first to check the fixed cone and the dynamic cone to find out the root, next to replace spare parts.

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