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Where Is the Development Prospect of China Stones Crushers

Date: Dec 16,2013

Hongxing Machinery as the professional manufacturers of mobile crushing units and ore dressing machines owns large-scale production base and international production line for rock crushing, which can manufacture jaw crushers for primary size reduction, impact crusher for medium crushing and other crushing equipment. With the continuous development of society, the crusher enterprises all over the world are continuously rising, in order to stand out among various factories, the crusher companies should gradually grow up in the continuously developed social economy.

Let's take jaw crusher as an example. In recent years, Hongxing Machinery has introduced foreign advanced technologies and innovates on the basis of existing technologies, and applies the most practical technologies to the product design, thus manufacturing fine crusher, impact crusher and other improved crushing equipment. Hence, the customers can have more options. Hongxing Machinery timely focuses on the market dynamics and customers demands so as to manufacture crusher station and crushing and screening plant that comply with both market and customers. Facing the fierce market competition, ensuring the technological innovation of crushing equipment is the major method for development of crusher companies.

Characteristics of Stone Crusher

1.High performance

2.Low production costs

3.Good products size

4.Good stability and reliability

5.Easy maintenance and operation

6.Widespread application

As one of the most widely used stone crushers, jaw crusher is mainly used to crush large stones primarily, widely used in such industry as mining, metallurgy, building material, road, railway, chemical industry, etc. Here, we are talking about the factors which affect productivity of jaw crusher. they are as follows:

1.The hardness of materials. The harder the material is, the more difficult the crushing work is.

2.The humidity of materials. The materials with large water content is easy to be clogged during the transmission process, thus reducing the crushing capacity.

3.The fineness of the crushed materials. The higher the fineness is, the thinner the crushed materials are.

4.The composition of the materials. The powder content of the materials to be crushed will affect the crushing. So, before crushing the materials, we should screen the powder out from the materials as far as possible so as not to affect the normal work of crusher machines.

5.The viscosity of the materials. Materials with high viscosity easily adhere to the inner wall of crushing cavity. If not cleaned up in time, it will severely influence the working efficiency or even the normal work of crushers. Hence, when selecting materials, make sure that the viscosity of materials should not be too big.

6.Components of the crushing equipment. the better the wear resistance of hammerhead is, the bigger the crushing capacity is.

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