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The Significant Function of Ore Screening Equipment

Date: Nov 20,2013

Screening is an important link of coal processing and ore screening equipment is widely used in screening plants and coal dressing plants for the granularity classification, dehydration, desliming and media removing of coal. As for coal processing, the screening technology and separation technology are equally important. Over half of the raw coal produced in our country is power coal, and different customers have different requirement for the granularity of the power coal. Especially the chemistry and power generation department have very strict requirement for the granularity of coal. If the granularity exceeds the stipulated limit, it will not only influence the normal production of these departments, but cause large waste. In short, separating the products from the raw coal and providing customers according to their needs is very necessary to reasonably use the coal resources.

vibrating screen

Screening can create good conditions for other coal dressing methods. At present, various coal dressing methods and separation equipment are limited to the product granularity. Different coal dressing methods have a certain feeding standard, as coarse products cannot be separated and over fine particles cannot be recycled. The coal dressing plants mainly divide the raw coal into lump coal and coal powder, which are respectively separated with jigger separation and gravity separation. Gravity separation method is very sensitive to the slim content in the materials as it will directly influence the normal work of the media system and the effect of gravity separation.

The steam coal dressing plants, the dry granular coal powers small than 6mm are generally supplied to power station or other users, and the coal bigger than 6mm will be sent to jiggers for separation, which is carried out by vibrating screen.

In short, in the coal dressing process, screening machine not only influences the suited supply of steam coal products and the improvement of the quality of steam coal and coking coal washing products, but influences the reasonable use of the coal resources and the environmental protection and the economic benefits of the production department.

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