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Advantages of Single Stage Jaw Crusher over Traditional Type

Date: Dec 04,2013

Single stage jaw crusher is a new generation machine recently developed by Hongxing Machinery. Due to its large crushing ratio, it can crush block material into powder. Its unique features compared with traditional jaw crusher are the main concern of customers. The following is an explanation of its advantages over traditional jaw crusher.

Single Stage Jaw Crusher

1, Traditional jaw crusher has only one movable jaw plate while single stage jaw crusher has two.

2, The “step structure” crushing cavity design turns power reduction into reenforcement.

3, “Layer crushing mechanism” ensures desired finished product granularity by one-off crushing.

4, With large crushing ratio and capacity, single stage jaw crusher alone can replace a set of traditional jaw crusher and cone crusher, which simplifies production process, saves energy consumption and lessens wear.

5, When crushing hard material like granite and pebble, singe stage jaw crusher and rotor centrifugal sand maker can be matched which equals two sets of vertical impact crushers.

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