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Intellectualization Is Inevitable Trend of Mining Crushers

Date: Mar 06,2014

Currently, China's economy develops rapidly, so does the domestic infrastructure construction. Many foreign crusher enterprises are bullish on Chinese market which is full of development potential and rich interests. Hence, various foreign companies have settled in China and obtained huge benefits from China. With the continuous improvement of international forces of China, independent research ability of our country has been improved obviously. At present, domestic mining machinery enterprises are comparable with foreign enterprises, which has formed intense market competition.

The current market competition of crusher industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Only the strongest can survive. Equipment which cannot meet demand of customers and market will be eliminated, so do the mining enterprises which manufacture the backward equipment. Only by keeping up with trend of the times can crusher enterprise realize long-term development. In today's intelligent era, the crusher enterprises which produce intelligent equipment can take the lead in grasping growth opportunities. Hence, intellectualization is inevitable trend of mining machinery industry.

Intelligence cannot only save manpower and improve working efficiency, but reduce the risk of human labor. However, automation technology of our country starts late and mainly bases on foreign advanced technology in development process, which makes various customers be accustomed to the big band products and unwilling to try domestic brand crusher machines, thus restricting technological development of China and making independent innovation ability of industrial technology wear.

With the introduction of China's Twelfth Five-year plan, domestic crusher manufacturing enterprises are facing industry reshuffle. Crusher industry must deeply understand importance and urgency of technological innovation and seize the opportunities of new technological and industrial revolution, thus further liberating and developing scientific and technological productive forces. Crusher machines with core technology can truly have competitiveness. What crusher enterprises should do is to insist on continuous innovation. Enterprises should timely adjust and optimize product structure. In order to stand out in fierce market competition, crusher enterprises should also provide technology and product service for customers, fundamentally improve product quality and improve international competitiveness of enterprises.

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