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Influence of Parameters of Impact Crusher on Its Performance

Date: Feb 21,2014

Impact crusher is a new crushing equipment taking advantages of impact effect to crush materials, which has such features as big reduction ratio, high crushing efficiency and so on. Therefore, impact crusher is widely used in many industries. The performance of crushers has great relevance to its parameters. Reasonable parameters can improve performance of crusher machines. Here, we will detailedly analyze the influences of parameters on performance of crushers.

1. Influence of length and diameter of rotor on performance of crusher

Size of rotor diameter is usually related to size of materials. When crushing materials, it requires a big enough impact energy, which need the diameter of rotor have a certain size. If the diameter of rotor is too small, the impact energy is not enough, which cannot crush materials. If the rotor diameter is too big, the energy consumed is big, which is not conductive to energy conservation. Length of rotor is mainly determined by production capacity of quarry crushers. Smaller ratio of length to diameter means poorer stationarity of body structure. If the ratio is too big, rigidity of engine body will become worse.

2. Influence of number of plate hammer on performance of crusher

The more the number of plate hammer is , the more times of rotor strikes per revolution, and the better the crushing effect is. But, too much plate hammers make the manufacturing complex and consumption of materials bigger. Hence, we should select proper number of plate hammers.

3. Influence of angle of guide plate for feeding on performance of crusher

Angle of guide plate is an important parameter. The smaller the angle is, the slower the speed of the material along guide plate is. And materials can be fully crushed. But too small angle will influence productivity, or even generate stacking phenomenon. The bigger the angle is, the faster the gliding speed of materials is. However, too big angle easily makes materials not be fully crushed and influence product quality.

4. Influence of hanging position of impact plate on performance of crusher

Parameter for hanging position of impact plate is more, which also has the biggest impact on performance of crusher. Each parameter of hanging position of impact plate can be adjusted by adjusting position of nut.

5. Influence of rotating speed of rotor on performance of crusher

Rotating speed of rotor is one of the most important parameters of impact crushing machine, which plays a decisive role in size of production capacity, product granularity and reduction ratio of impact crusher. Test shows that production capacity and reduction ratio can be increased significantly with the increase of rotating speed of rotor. And product granularity changes towards fineness. However, with the increase of rotor speed, the power consumption also increases, so does the abrasion of plate hammer. Of course, the requirements on manufacturing precision are also higher correspondingly.

From the above analysis, we can see the influence of parameters on performance of impact crusher. if the parameters are designed and selected improperly, it not only cannot give full play to performance of crusher, but even lead to abnormal work of machine. Hence, optimizing and reasonably matching parameters of crushers are crucial to improve production capacity and reduce operational cost.

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