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To Formulate a Maintenance Plan in Using Process of Hammer Crusher

Date: Dec 28,2013

In the development process of mineral resources, mining industry has made undeniable contributions. If the companies want to keep footholds in this industry, they must develop and grow rapidly and continuously. Hongxing Machinery is a typical representative of successful mining enterprises. Hongxing hammer type crusher with advanced technologies makes quality reliable. In addition to rely on technical improvement, Hongxing Machinery more depends on improvement of product quality to enhance band image.

hammer crusher

The hammer crusher can be divided into such types as ring hammer crusher, rotary hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher and so on, which is widely used in such industries as metallurgy, road, highway, chemistry, etc. In production process, the production time and workload of heavy hammer crusher are larger, which is easy to appear various failures to influence production in operation process of equipment. Hence, it's necessary to formulate a maintenance cycle in the using process of hammer crusher. In this period, we should reasonably arrange minor repair, medium repair and heavy repair. The arrange and management of maintenance cycle of hammer crusher machine should be more careful and detailed. After new equipment having been put into production, the operators should maintain and upkeep machines in strict accordance with maintenance plan so as to prolong service life and improve working efficiency. Only by detailedly and earnestly performing maintenance plans of equipment can we prevent hammer stone crusher from being seriously damaged in production process.

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