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To Constantly Improve Quality of Hammer Crusher

Date: Dec 25,2013

As the knowledge of energy conservation and environmental protection of people is gradually perfected, the requirements for rock crushers is also higher and higher. Hence, mining crusher manufacturers begin to improve quality of stone crushers. At present, there are more than one hundred crusher companies in Henan, the quality of their mining machines is uneven. So, when selecting and purchasing machines, the customers should be more cautious. In the production of hammering machine, Hongxing Machinery adopts the latest technologies and constantly improve its quality, which displays the technical advantages to the extreme. At present, the mining global equipment market is pretty optimistic, which gives more development opportunities to mining crusher machines.

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Only by manufacturing high-quality products can crusher enterprises truly realize the goal of capturing future markets. In today's higher demands of hammering machine, jaw crusher machine, impactor crusher and other mining crushers, only by continuously developing technical advantages can hammer mill crusher be favored by more and more customers. the crushing hammer is one of parts which should firstly be optimized. In order to realize the purpose of wear resistance, the crusher maker should well select the materials to make hammerhead in hammer crusher design process . When making hammerhead, traditional hammer crusher would choose high manganese steel as raw materials due to its features of low price, good manufacturability and high toughness. But, its hardness is not that good. In using process, it cannot be used for long time, so you should replace once it has been worn. High-chromium alloy is another kind of material than can be used to make hammerhead, which has high hardness and low toughness. According to analysis of these two kind of materials, Hongxing Machinery has combined their advantages and weakened their shortcomings. After having repeatedly tested by production technician, Hongxing Machinery has launched the latest High chromium alloy composite hammerhead, which solves the problems of big loss and low wear resistance of past hammer crusher and greatly improves service life of hammerhead.

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