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Cone Crusher Should Realize Energy Conservation and Consumption Reduction

Date: Mar 06,2014

In China's cement industry, increasingly fierce market competition makes enterprises into competitive whirlpools. In today's rapid economic development, cone crusher occupies an very important position in mining, cement plant, sand and other industries. In order to adapt to social development, cone crusher should continuously improve technology and strengthen technical innovation. Besides, cone crusher must conform to green environmental protection requirements of consumption reduction and energy conservation.

Hence, experts suggest that cone crusher manufacturers should pay attention to cultivation of innovation consciousness, continuously seek more optimal solutions for equipment improvement, intensify efforts on independent research and put more money into research and design of new type of equipment rather than blindly expanding production capacity. For another, cone crusher enterprises should positively introduce foreign advanced technology and discard the dross and select the essence. Different forms of combination of foreign and domestic companies can improve production technology and performance of cone crusher to a certain extent. Cone crusher enterprises should carry out technical research of product and manufacturing technology.

Talent is the core of technical development, hence, the enterprises should focus on cultivation of professional talent, thus promoting innovation development of enterprise by means of increasing professional quality of personnel. Of course, cone crusher manufacturers should strengthen technical innovation, improve product technology and performance and positively developing energy conservation and consumption reduction products on the basis of adapting to emissions requirements of social development.

In current stone production line, hammer crusher, jaw crusher and impact crusher are necessary equipment of various customers. Compared with these crushing machines, cone rusher starts relatively late. However, development speed of cone crusher in China is the fastest. Therefore, cone crusher has been vigorously promoted in recent years' production. Applications of cone crusher is also wider and wider. In the green and environmental protection development of mining machinery industry, cone crusher should further improve performance on the original basis so as to meet production requirements of domestic and foreign market for crushing equipment and realize energy conservation and consumption reduction to a large extent.

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