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The Main Content and Methods of Daily Use of Ball Mill

Date: Dec 19,2013

The long time normal operation of ball mill is not only related to its design, manufacture and installation, but correct use, proper examination and maintenance. The main content and methods of daily use of ball mill are introduced in details here by Hongxing Machinery.

ball mill

1. Start

Before starting a grinding ball mill, the following examination and preparation work must be carried out.

(1) As for the newly installed ball grinding mill or that has not been tested after examination, it must be run for 2~3 times before being started to avoid collision accident.

(2) Check the assembling condition of the fastening and transmission spare parts such as fastening bolts, gears, coupling and reducers.

(3) Check whether the lubrication devices that are used for supplying lubricating grease for the lubricating points such as main bearing, driving shaft, reducer and gear are reliable, and whether the quality, quantity and temperature of the lubricating grease conform to the requirement.

(4) Check whether the electric interlock device and sound signals are normal.

(5) Check whether the equipment connected to the milling equipment is normal.

(6) Check whether the safety protective device is comprehensive.

2. Operation

After material feeding, when the milling equipment is running with load in it, the operators must following the following rules:

(1) The grinding balls cannot run for long time when there are no materials in it to avoid the damage on the lining board and the consumption of steel balls.

(2) The operators must carefully control and adjust the feeding amount, discharging granularity and the reasonable gradation of the grinding media to ensure the output and quality of the final products.

(3) Regularly make sure the lubricating points have sufficient and clean lubricating grease, the temperature of the main bearing should not exceed 60℃ and the main bearing with water cooling device must be ensured with water supply.

(4) Regularly check the abrasion condition of the lining boards inside the milling equipment and timely change the lining boards when they are abraded or broken to avoid the damage to the cylinder.

3. Stop

When stopping the machine at normal condition, first inform the other personnel. The correct stop order should be like this: first stop the feeder machine, after the material feeding, the milling equipment will also run for 10-15 minutes to finish the grinding of the materials that are fed into the grinding chamber, which is conducive to the next start. If an emergency happens, immediately stop feeding and disconnect the motor and the power of the other units.

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